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Update & Job Alert

April 14, 2016
by Team RESQ

Update from RESQ Centre and Job Alert!

- Harvey is taking her time to get better
- All of Rani's pups got adopted from the RESQ centre, she is now undergoing chemotherapy for cancer and taking it very well
- Hulk is finally FIT and ready for release. We have got so attached to him that we are finding it really hard to send him back
- Myra's foot swelling and wound has greatly reduced, she should be fine in a week more to be released. She is very human vary - for good reason, we hope the people who tied that horrible cord on her leg can never catch her again

The last image is our ResQ Centre In-Patient Case Board. We currently have 95 animals under treatment at our hospital. We are looking for one more full time Manager (in addition to our lifelines Fiyana and Tuhin), so if anyone is looking for a job which involves hard work and lots of love from animals

The job requires an individual who:
- Has good Communication Skills (English & Hindi or Marathi)
- Is Organised
- is a happy Teamworker

Starting salary depending on capability will be between 8000-12000 per month. Individual needs to be at ResQ Centre for 8 hours a day (timing flexible) and be mobile (have a two-wheeler or car)

Interested candidates please send email to

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