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Come visit us and meet RESQ animals or volunteer… animals at RESQ are always happy to have visitors! We appreciate all the help we can get from like-minded people who want to work with us. Which is why we have carefully curated a programme which has multiple options for everyone who wants to give their time for this cause.

Due to the spike of Covid-19 cases, we are restricting visits and centre tours until further notice.
All volunteering activities are also on hold.
Please stay tuned to our social media channels for updates.

Volunteers and visitors are welcome at RESQ on prior appointment only.

Visitors: Once you arrive, one of our team members will take you on a Guided Visit of the RESQ Centre (Guided Visit timings are 11 am and 4 pm), during which you can meet several animals on the way and feed them too if treats from their daily quota have not been consumed already! You may drop in on any day; however, it would be preferable if you sent us an email to to request for an appointment.

Volunteers: Once our Volunteer Coordinator has contacted you regarding your form and requested you to attend Induction, you will be given a Volunteer Induction and Tour of the RESQ Centre as part of your Volunteer Induction. One of our team members will take the time to understand what you can help us with. Volunteer work is divided into hands-on work with animals as well as doing odd-jobs around the Centre, e.g. helping us organise stores etc. We advise you to complete your anti-rabies vaccinations at least 1 month before coming to volunteer, especially if you are going to be regularly involved with volunteering with animals at RESQ. If you are vaccinated, we can engage you in activities which involve helping in treatment of animals, socialising and dog interaction.