RESQ Centre Address: Plot No. 3906, Paud Mulshi Road,
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RESQ Terms & Conditions

The following describes your (Animal Case Reporters) relationship with RESQ while seeking medical help for an injured and sick on the streets of Pune.


  1. Type in your browser and click on the WEBLINE - REPORT A CASE Button
  2. Fill in the ALL the mandatory details, and SUBMIT CASE only after you have carefully read and agreed to RESQ Terms and Conditions
  3. You will receive a call from us based on the emergency level of the case and number of cases we have lined up already at that point in time


  1. An animal that is not registered through the WEBLINE will not be registered and responded to.
  2. Facebook, Whatsapp, Phone routes to report a case will not be considered a valid rescue report
  1. Admission to RESQ Hospital

    We will only pick up/ admit animals into the RESQ Hospital that require critical care and cannot be treated onsite. This is limited to:

    • Indian stray dogs, cats, cattle, horses, donkeys etc. with trauma or critical conditions (i.e. road accidents or other accidents)
    • Pedigreed abandoned dogs WITH a medical condition i.e. now stray dogs that have no home and can’t survive on the street.
  2. Onsite Treatment

    Animals which can be treated ONSITE (small wounds etc.) will NOT be admitted into the RESQ Hospital.

    *Please note that ONLY an animal which requires KENNEL REST/ confinement to hospital will be taken in due to its condition or inability to catch again for treatment.

  1. Orphaned animals or a litter with their mother. We believe that the best place for a litter with its mother is where they are. We will provide you with all the advice and support on how to look after these animals/ foster at home/ help on street but we cannot take in orphaned animals because they have higher chances of survival on the street as compared to a Hospital.
  2. A dog reported just for old age. For this suggestions will be given on phone on medical treatment and you will need to administer this care for the dog, which would include food supplements and food etc.
  3. A dog reported with skin disease only. We will be able to guide you about the treatment for such a dog – this would include topical treatment (i.e. application) as well oral medication.

Note: RESQ is a Trauma Centre & Hospital for hurt, injured and sick animals. We are NOT a Shelter or an Orphanage. Please remember that you get admitted into a Hospital only when you are ill.

Animals will be either treated On-site or Admitted to the RESQ Hospital based on the type and severity of case. RESQ reserves the right of admission to the RESQ Hospital.

Animals to be admitted into the RESQ Hospital can ONLY come in via

  1. RESQ ambulances
  2. RESQ authorized Private Ambulances (Contacts will be provided to you when we call you back after your register a case through the WEBLINE)
  3. Directly WITH Case Reporter ONLY through private vehicle/unauthorized Private Ambulance.

> This is to ensure ONLY animals that require Hospital admission come in and to determine accurate location of pick up and release

A Case Reporter agrees than the animal to be treated or admitted is NOT his/her OWN animal and has no rights over the animal or any decisions pertaining to it after admission into the RESQ Hospital.

> This is to ensure that people do not trick RESQ into treat pet animals and that the best possible decisions can be made for an animal by RESQ without confusion or conflict

If you would like an update on an admitted animal, ONLY the Case Reporter can visit RESQ during Hospital Visiting Hours (11 am – 5 pm : all days of the Week)

> This is because it is impossible to answer a huge number of update calls daily (we have over 150+ admissions currently).

An online auto-update system is being worked on, we will be announcing it when it’s ready to release.

ALL animals will be released directly by RESQ personnel ONLY irrespective of how they arrived at the RESQ Hospital. All animals will be dropped off at the GPS Location taken by ambulances or provided by Case Reporter during admission process.

Once an animal is fit for release:

  • Case Reporter will receive an automated SMS (latest by 9:00pm the previous night) stating that the animal admitted by you will get released the following day between X and Y timing.
  • Our release vehicle driver will attempt calling you ONLY once while he is ON HIS WAY to the animal’s release (could be about 10-30 minutes before arrival).
  • Incase you do not receive the call or your phone is off etc. we will still be releasing the animal at the designated GPS spot recorded during pick up/admission.
  • No request for dropping an animal on a location other than the specified GPS location will be entertained strictly.
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