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The best things in life are rescued. And even better when you take them home.

Adopting an animal and bringing home a new family member is truly a wonderful feeling. However, the first question you need to ask is: Are you really ready to adopt a pet?

Click here to read an article by RESQ and check if you’re ready to adopt!

Here are the steps to adopt a Pet from RESQ:

  1. Be absolutely 100% sure you want to adopt. Read up. Talk to people. Be certain. You take weeks, if not months, to evaluate which vehicle you want to buy. In this case, it is a live animal, who eats, sleeps, breathes and FEELS. Take your time and be sure you are ready to adopt!
  2. Fill up the RESQ Adoption Application. Take your time to fill this one. Be honest with your replies. We’re seasoned adoption filtering agents, we can sniff and detect discrepancies like hounds :)
  3. Wait for a Response. Based on your application, you will receive an email/ phone call within 5 working days about your Adoption request.
  4. Adoption Stages
    1. Telephonic Interview
      We will call you and have a quick chat about your Application and determine whether to proceed to Adoption Stage B.
    2. Socialisation session(s) at the RESQ Centre
      Come and visit the RESQ Centre to meet our Rehoming Centre animals! If you have pets, based on the Telephonic Interview you would need to bring your pet along with you for socialisation sessions. You may need to visit multiple times if possible as this greatly helps in establishing a stable and successful adoption.
    3. Video Chat at Home (with Members at home/ Family, if applicable)
      A mutual date and time will be decided to do a Video Chat (WhatsApp/Skype) with you and/or your family to do a House Check if necessary and interact with members in your home to ensure they are all on the same page about adopting a pet.
    4. D-Day!
      • Sign a Legal Adoption Agreement. You must bring a family member/close friend to sign as witness
      • Submit your personal identification and address proofs
      • Counselling and Handover of Pet
      • Take home happiness!

If you’d like to adopt a large animal such as a cow, horse, donkey, etc., please write to us at

To contact the RESQ Adoptions Team, please call us on +91 8669901490.

Unconditional love awaits you at the RESQ Centre in Bavdhan, Pune.