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Help RESQ Wildlife

The work we do would not be possible without your support.

We rescue injured and orphaned animals and rehabilitate them until they are able to survive in the wild on their own. When you adopt an animal you help towards the costs of looking after all the animals of your chosen species here at the RESQ Wildlife TTC. You can adopt an owl, monkey, deer or bird (raptors, water birds or other smaller birds) and this will guarantee that we can provide rehabilitation and care for them all year round.

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Help get us things we really need!

You can view a list of the things we need. Some of them are available on Amazon and you can send them directly to us, while some of them need to be procured from vendors directly. Some things cost nothing, and are items that may not be of use to you at home, but extremely useful for animals under rehabilitation and care.

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Stay updated and spread the word!

Joing our RESQ Updates channel on Telegram. Follow our social media channels, share our posts and stores, it not only helps spread awareness about animals but helps connect people to our common cause, you neever know - a single share could help save lives!

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