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RESQ Charitable Trust was founded in 2007.

RESQ Charitable Trust is a not-for-profit organization founded with an aim to minimize human-animal conflict and provide relief to animals in distress. We run two factions - one for wildlife and the other for domestic/ street animals and have provided aid directly to over 80,000+ animals since inception.

What we do.

The landscape that surrounds us and the amazing wildlife that thrives in it has vastly changed over the last decade - the growth in urban development, shifts in agricultural patterns, and climatic changes has led to an increasing number of wildlife coming into conflict which gets reported to us on our 24-hour animal emergency helpline by the local community and the Forest Department.

Animals that get stuck in difficult situations (heights, depths and water) are rescued by our technical animal RESQ team. Besides rescuing animals in distress, we run an animal hospital (in-patient care) for injured and sick domestic animals (large and small) who require treatment or surgery. Our domestic animal sanctuary provides lifetime care for animals who have either lost their homes and families in unfortunate incidents.

Powered by knowledge

... and sharing it.

We proactively engage in conducting training activities and workshops with different government departments and local groups to foster teamwork, faster response time, and to stay updated about best practices in the field of wildlife treatment and rescue.

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Miles to go

before we sleep.

While the animals we rescue are a fraction of the number of animals living in distress, when we look back and review the ones, we provided a second chance to, we find cause for hope. View the RESQ 2021: a year in review video here.

CISF Training Session

Hands On!

The number of animals we are able to help largely depends on the resources (your generous donations!) that are available for us to allocate to RESQ animals and projects. Our team isn't afraid to get hands (or feet!) dirty or their body in the case of an animal-stuck-in-drain. Whether it's rescuing an animal or spending hours at night patrolling, we're out on the frontlines of the field. We are creating better outcomes for animals, for people, and for the places we call home.

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Support the work we do at RESQ.

Friends of RESQ

Friends of RESQ regularly support RESQ animals through their companies or businesses in many different ways. They extend their support by way of regular CSR funding, regular in-kind supplies, and through specialized or expert services they offer to us voluntarily. If you would like to be a friend of RESQ, please write to us at Besides being eternally grateful to you, we promise to shower you with tons of social media likes, loves, and shares if you'd like in exchange!

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