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Rescue, rehabilitate animals, reach people.

Wildlife protection, conservation and coexistence in human-dominated landscapes

Founded in 2007 to provide emergency aid to animals in distress, RESQ Charitable Trust is a not-for-profit organisation based out of Pune, India. Since inception, our rescue and rehabilitation work has provided aid to thousands of animals of over 200+ species, improved public health and safety outcomes and actively worked on preventing human-animal conflict across varied ecosystems. We are powered by a 75+ member team who dedicatedly works toward our vision of conservation and coexistence between wildlife, communities and their animals through our response and prevention verticals.


Rescue, rehabilitation, human-wildlife conflict management


The wildlife rescue and rehabilitation work we do helps support conservation of our biodiversity in addition to providing aid to injured, sick, orphan, and trafficked wildlife with the goal of reintroducing them to their natural habitats.


Community awareness, school education, outreach programs


Our awareness programs are focused on knowledge sharing and discussion to promote safety and prevent negative human-animal interactions through community support. Our school programs are directed towards children to make them responsible citizens in the future.


Zoonotic disease control, population management and research


We function as an early detection centre for infectious diseases in wildlife, aiming to prevent outbreaks. We also collaborate with research institutions, enabling the use of our collected data to support further scientific studies and advancements.

Miles to go

... before we sleep.

While the animals we rescue are a fraction of the number of animals living in distress, when we look back and review the ones we provided a second chance to, we find cause for hope. Click above to watch the RESQ 2023: a year in review video.

Hands On!

The number of animals we are able to help largely depends on the resources (your generous donations!) that are available for us to allocate for our rescue and rehabilitation work. Our team isn't afraid to get hands (or feet!) dirty or braving swift waters in a flood. Whether it's rescuing an animal or spending hours at night patrolling, we're out on the frontlines to create better outcomes for animals, for people, and for the place we call home.

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RESQ Supporters

Supporters of RESQ include numerous companies, businesses or institutions that contribute to our cause on a regular basis through CSR initiatives, in-kind donations and through specialised or expert services they offer us gratis. If you, your company, business or institution connect to our cause and would like to contribute in whatever way possible, please write to us on

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