About RESQ

RESQ Charitable Trust is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 2007 with an aim to minimise animal suffering and reduce human-animal conflict by providing emergency animal rescue, rehabilitation, medical aid and conducting education and awareness programs to promote peaceful coexistence between humans and animals. 

We run two divisions, one for domestic animals and the other for wildlife and have provided free medical aid, rescue and rehabilitation to over 80,000+ animals since inception.

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Volunteer with RESQ!

If you’re looking to give your time voluntarily to work with street animals or lend your expertise to help us, we truly appreciate all the help we can get from like-minded people!

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Sponsor a RESQ Animal

We need your help to give these animals the support, love and care they need while they are with us either recovering from unfortunate accidents and illnesses or rehabilitating in our Sanctuary and Rehoming Centre.

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Friends of RESQ!

Friends of RESQ regularly support RESQ animals through their companies or businesses in many different ways. Their support to us is extended by way of regular CSR funding, regular in-kind supplies and through specialised or expert services they offer to us voluntarily. If you would like to be a friend of RESQ, please write to us at info@resqct.org

Besides being eternally grateful to you, we promise to shower you with tons of social media likes, loves and shares if you’d like in exchange!