We are a not-for-profit organisation that works towards the rescue and rehabilitation of injured and sick animals, conducting awareness and education programs which focus on impacting society with respect to reducing human-animal conflict and conservation of the environment.
At RESQ, we aim at never turning away an animal in need, and turn helplessness into hope for thousands of dogs, cats and other animals every year.


21 Laboratory rescued beagles are up for adoption at ResQ!

After being subjected to tests for six years in a pharmaceutical laboratory, they need loving and patient families who can take them home, and give them the lives they deserve. All the #ResQBeagles are 6 years old and extremely loving. We have a detailed adoption process to ensure that we find the best possible homes for these adorable animals.

Want to give one of them a good home? Fill up our adoption form!

Adoption Form
Male, 3 yr 1 mth
30% Sponsored
Male, 7 yr
30% Sponsored
Male, 5 mth
76% Sponsored
Female, 2 yr 8 mth
28% Sponsored
January 31, 2017
Your constant support means everything to us, so here's what we did at ResQ this month!
December 27, 2016
On Christmas Day 2016, we went out and vaccinated over 1000 dogs in Pune!
July 19, 2016
Looking at Peppa recover makes us happy, so we thought we'd leave you with a quote to share some smiles today!
July 18, 2016
A 7-year old girl Ira, invited her friends for her birthday party at the RESQ Centre amongst rescued and recovering animals.
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Want to VOLUNTEER with RESQ?

Love for animals is of course what draws volunteers to RESQ. But more importantly, it is the ability to act rationally and responsibly that makes them truly valuable. Volunteers work hands-on at our RESQ Centre, help with education & awareness programs, learn first-aid to become a part of the animal rescue network in the city, help with pet adoptions and fund-raising events.

Join us and meet some of the gang that is heart-over-head in love with stray animals.

Send us an email at info@resqct.org to sign up!


Sponsor Preventive Vaccinations for 1 Animal Rs 300. - Donate with PayU Money
Sponsor 1 Day Meal for 5 Animals Rs 500. - Donate with PayU Money
Sponsor 1 Month Food for 1 Animal Rs 1800. - Donate with PayU Money
Sponsor 1 Animal Birth Control Surgery Rs 2000. - Donate with PayU Money
Sponsor an Abandoned Pet Rs 2500. - Donate with PayU Money

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