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Community support is critical to protect animals!

Community outreach and awareness programs, school education curriculum

Responding to animal emergencies is key to saving an animal’s life but preventing them from getting in distress is equally important, if not more! Different types of animal’s face difficulties in different ecosystems e.g., in urban cities, dogs, cats and birds face the biggest threats whereas in rural areas, wild animals and free-ranging domestic animals face challenges with the community and each other. RESQ conducts awareness and education programs with varied groups living in different ecosystems and makes them aware about how to deal with the challenges they face so that humans and animals can both be protected and remain safe. Community support is critical to protect animals, and so far in 2022, RESQ has conducted coexistence and safety awareness focused programs for over 15,000 individuals in over 50+ locations across Maharashtra.


Community outreach and awareness programs in urban, peri-urban and rural areas

Engaging with those living closest to the animals and habitats we strive to protect is key to ensuring positive and sustainable change. A growing human population coupled with changes in land use and climate have greatly contributed to ever-increasing interactions and conflict betweens the needs and behaviour of animals and people. Our community outreach and awareness programs put local communities at the heart of the solution. We are committed to conducting target audience specific awareness programs and sessions for different age groups based on the challenges they face. The central theme of our sessions is always coexistence or ‘sahjeevan’ and we remain focused on helping the community better understand the animals that surround them, the challenges faced by different stakeholders in the management of conflict, the roles they can play to ensure safety for their families, their livelihoods and the animals themselves. During the course of our sessions, we use audio-video tools that we have developed over time to ensure the subject-matter is better assimilated by the group. Post-that, the sessions remain interactive, where they are encouraged to ask questions, discuss their concerns openly to find long-term and sustainable solutions for both humans and animals.

Local communities

Local companies in peri-urban areas, construction companies having labour camps

Sahjeevan/ Coexist programs in rural schools

Events and focused group sessions

If you would like us to conduct COEXIST/ Sahjeevan program for your community or group please contact [Note: The session's costs are sponsored by our donors and there is no financial cost to be incurred by you.]


Awareness, wellbeing, animal responsibility and education for school children in urban cities

AWARE INDIA is an educational initiative developed by RESQ that is built on children’s affinity for animals. The curriculum focuses on deepening their understanding of human-animal coexistence and enables them to grow up to be empowered, empathetic and aware citizens of the future. The curriculum also sets into motion the fundamentals needed to help transform the classroom and school climate, enhance teacher-student interactions, and motivates children to positively engage with the community. The inclusion of real-life scenarios and animal-related activities which promote reflection and compassion, captivates students, educators, and parents. Every module of the AWARE INDIA curriculum reinforces the focal areas of our program. Children learn about animals and their immediate environment while also acquiring skills that support their ability to cope with stress, attain self-confidence and empathy, and learn to collaborate and make informed decisions. Each module includes an educational/ developmental objective with hands-on activities and games reinforcing the learnings of the module. The AWARE INDIA Curriculum is implemented in schools, afterschool programs and other community-based groups serving children and youth. It is developed for Grades 1 to 12 with continuity through all grade levels. The curriculum is based on 6 core modules to be conducted during the academic year. The AWARE INDIA program has been developed by RESQ Charitable Trust and jointly funded by Capricon Realty, Thackersey Group, Mumbai, and TATA group of companies in Pune.

If you would like us to conduct AWARE INDIA modules (1 or more) for your school or focused children/youth group, please contact [Note: The sessions costs are sponsored by our donors and there is no financial cost to be incurred by the school or children's group]