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About Us.

RESQ Charitable Trust was founded in 2007.

We are a not-for-profit organisation registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950 (E-5002); Section 12(A), 8OG of the Income Tax Act,1961; and Foreign Contributions Regulations Act (FCRA) 2010. We are also a 501(C)3 Certified Charity registered in USA (ID 83-0694608).

Neha Panchamiya

"Grow through what you go through."

RESQ was founded in 2007 with an aim to minimise animal suffering and reduce human-animal conflict by providing emergency animal rescue, rehabilitation, medical aid and conducting education and awareness programs to promote peaceful coexistence between humans and animals. RESQ has been consistently evolving and steadily grown to cover several frontiers of animal welfare and is today one of Maharashtra's largest active citywide animal rescue NGO which has provided free medical aid, rescue and rehabilitation to over 65,000+, wildlife and domestic animals since inception.

"Times change, people change, situations change, the only thing constant is change... and because change is constant, what must also remain constant is our ability to evolve - to be able to continue to work, to give, to care and to love." Since 2007, RESQ's work with animals across the district has provided the organisation to gain a deep understanding of the conditions and challenges that animals are faced with in both urban and rural ecosystems. Besides RESQ's work of helping animals by direct action, the organisation's efforts are largely dedicated towards human welfare by committing a considerable portion of RESQ's activities towards improving public health and safety as well as mitigating human-animal conflict.

RESQ has also been involved in disaster relief efforts for animals, collaborated with governmental and non-governmental entities alike, and influenced change of attitude in animal welfare, law and policy implementation through the efforts of its founder and core team members. As an organisation, RESQ engages largely in proactive grassroot level work along with relying on citizen reporting, information technology, data management to develop implementable solutions in their efforts to bring organisation into the animal sector.


RESQ Vision, Mission and Values

We envision a world where humans and animals coexist in sustainable ecosystems wherein building awareness and implementing effective systems to protect animals and their environment is our mission. We embrace, above all, kindness, respect, compassion, awareness and integrity in all aspects of our mission and vision for a world where humans and animals coexist in sustainable ecosystems.

We believe that every animal matters, species no bar.

When we rescue one animal—whether it is a house pet abandoned, a cow or horse discarded, a leopard stuck in a hunting trap, bird entangled in kite-flying string, an animal who has met with a road accident or reunited a wild cat kitten with its mother — we are doing much more than saving a life. By rescuing individual wildlife and reintroducing them back into the wild after recovery or rehabilitation, our work plays a role in the conservation of several different species. A domestic animal in distress that gets rescued by us, will get rehabilitated and protected in the environment which they are placed in after recovery. While the animals we rescue are a fraction of the number of animals living in distress, when we look back and review the ones we provided a second chance to, we find cause for hope.

We are powered by human connections.

RESQ Charitable Trust is a non-profit helping animals and people thrive together. We are experts and everyday people, specialists and multi talented individuals who deal with animal rescue, rehabilitation, release and research while proactively working on restoring the environment they thrive in. The problems we face are urgent and complicated. To solve them, we match fresh thinking with bold action. We partner with local communities, governments, non-governmental organizations, and businesses. Together, we pioneer new and innovative ways to help all species flourish.

We tackle complicated problems with a smile.

The problems we face are growing larger and more complex every day. Pune District, the landscape we predominantly work in, has changed greatly over the last decade. Increased urban development, shifts in agricultural patterns and climatic changes led to an increasing number of wildlife coming into conflict. Increasingly, these animals were getting reported to the helplines of our organisation. More animals are coming into conflict with humans. More street dogs, more abandoned animals. More domestic animals coming into conflict with the wild and vice versa. More encroachment on each other's space. We've been around for over a decade but we know our solutions cannot stay the same. We have to be curious, learn, develop and open up to new partners. In short, we have to think, and act differently to constantly evolve.


Our team isn't afraid to get hands (or feet!) dirty or their body in the case of an animal-stuck-in-drain. Whether it's rescuing an animal or spending hours at night patrolling, we're out on the frontlines of the field. We are creating better outcomes for animals, for people, and for the places we call home.

RESQ People

RESQ Organization chart

Dr. Kalyani Thakur, Dr. Sushrut Shirbhate, Dr. Chetan Vanjari, Dr. Neha Bhave, Dr. Nikita Mehta and Veterinary Assistants

Animal Rescuers
Sonesh Ingole, Harshad Nagare, Naresh Chandak, Shreenath Chavhan, Sayli Pilane, Amit Todkar, Akash Raut, Tayyab Sayyad and Junior Rescuers

Wildlife Team
Shomit Bhide, Abhishek Swami, Jyoti Swami, Shankar Bhingore, Sabir Ansari and Junior Wildlife Rehabilitators

Street Animal Centre
Pallavi Gowda, Balendra Singh, Snehal Khaire and Animal Caretakers

Finance, Administration
Rohan Sharma, Darshan Patil

Communications and Outreach
Jessica Roberts, Nachiket Utpat, and Pooja Chavan

Organisation Goals

  1. Ensure that animals remain safe in their environment and that where/when appropriate, vulnerable animals are rescued, and to increase knowledge to expedite the release of animal, For animals that are not viable for release, provide sanctuary or place them in homes
  2. Implement effective and/or innovate methods and approaches to reduce human-animal conflict in urban and rural ecosystems for domestic and wild animals.
  3. Develop awareness to create mutual collaboration and collective action to reduce human-animal conflict. Stimulate communities, government institutions and private stakeholders to take an active role in the management and protection of animals and their environment.
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Support the work we do at RESQ.

The number of animals we are able to help largely depends on the resources (your generous donations!) that are available for us to allocate to RESQ animals and projects. Our team isn't afraid to get hands (or feet!) dirty or their body in the case of an animal-stuck-in-drain. Whether it's rescuing an animal or spending hours at night patrolling, we're out on the frontlines of the field. We are creating better outcomes for animals, for people, and for the places we call home.