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Community Animals

Caring for the abandoned, who are homeless on the streets out of fate, not choice.

Large and small animal sanctuary, technical animal rescue

Community animals or domestic animals include cows, bulls, horses, donkeys, goats and sheep, dogs, cats and domestic birds. Several large animals are abandoned after they are past their milking and working age and some merely abandoned on the streets when their owners are unable to look after them. Depending on the resources available (personnel, funds and admission space), we provide treatment and lifetime care and shelter for these animals.

Lifetime Sanctuary Care

Large and small animal lifetime care sanctuary

Several large animals end up on the streets and often become victims of road accidents or ingest foreign bodies like plastic waste (over 50-60 kilograms are sometimes removed from one animals’ stomach!). Our teams rescue such animals, aid them with life-saving treatment and care. RESQ currently provides support for lifetime care to over 1200 abandoned cows and buffaloes, 10 horses, 5 donkeys, 26 ducks, 37 goats and sheep, 3 camels and 30 dogs and cats in Pune district. Small domestics are housed at our facility in Pune where treatment and care of large animals is also done. Post-recovery, large animals are housed for lifetime sanctuary and cared for with our support at our partner organisations near Talegaon.

Technical Animal Rescue

Technical wildlife rescue (aerial, confined spaced, underground and water rescue), emergency veterinary ambulance support, disaster response and relief

Our team of rescuers who are highly skilled in technical animal rescue, well equipped with an in-depth knowledge of stressed animal behaviour, rescue animals stuck in difficult situations – species no bar! It could be a leopard fallen down a well or a dog, a bird entangled in manja on a 100 ft tree or a cat badly stuck on a 10th floor building ledge, hundreds of baby birds that have come crashing down from a man-made disaster like unregulated tree felling or puppies stuck in flood, irrespective of situation, our teams are mobile are equipped with personnel and safety gear to ensure a safe rescue for wild or community animals.