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Humans Of RESQ- Sunil Tandulwad

April 02, 2024
by Team RESQ

Man of few words but greatly righteous and honest is how Sunil Tandulwad’s colleagues at RESQ describe him. They promptly add how when he does occasionally say something, it’s always well thought of and consequential. Sunil is also known for being hardworking, self-sufficient, and gracious about owing up to his mistakes without passing the blame on to anyone. And this makes him an absolute delight to work with. Also, the fact that once he takes something on, he sees it through no matter what.

Sunil has been working with RESQ for over five years now and when he joined the organization, he worked in the domestic sector assisting in feeding and care of dogs and cats. He currently works in the wildlife section and is a part of the team that looks after the overall cleanliness of the center, constructing of enclosures and creating species specific enrichment. Even though it was his love for dogs that brought him to RESQ, he now is just as happy working for the wildlife as he knows he plays a role in facilitating better fate for animals that come to RESQ. His most memorable moment he recalls with pride is when an old female elephant called Lily suffering from several ailments was under medical care and rehabilitation at RESQ. Being around her and caring for her remains to be moments he holds extremely close to his heart. This is also because he joined RESQ, he worked full time as a sculptor who specialized in making Ganesha idols. When Sunil isn’t working, he loves to lend a hand at home and loves to cook occasionally. The quote he lives by is, “The best way to exist, is to coexist” and when asked what animal he would’ve loved to be born as, “a parakeet”, he says shyly.

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