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Humans of RESQ- Sumedh Tarde

January 27, 2023
by Team RESQ

Every strong team is a fine amalgamation of doers and thinkers. While the team derives motivation from the doers, it derives strength from the thinkers. Sumedh Tarde, the thinker of RESQ who from behind the screen of his laptop, manages things seamlessly like an ace puppeteer who manages a well synchronised puppet show.

Director of Projects and Communications, Sumedh is renowned for his meticulousness and grit. Before joining RESQ, he worked with Amazon as a Risk Investigator and this is where he picked up a flair for critical analysis. What brought him to RESQ was immense fascination for the work RESQ did, especially during the lockdown. Joining RESQ shook him out of his limbo and gave him a purpose when he was feeling immensely demotivated. It as though pumped life back into him.

Today, he is the spine of RESQ administration handing a huge chunk of the back end like generating reports, creating and sharing documentation, maintaining communication with donors, planning and conducting training programs, assisting on research projects, policy making and also writing articles on human wildlife conflict mitigation.

The thing he loves the most about working at RESQ is the versatility of his work where he isn't tied down to doing just one thing. His most unforgettable day here was rescuing a bull out to safety that had fallen down a 500ft gorge!

Some lesser known facts about Sumedh are that he is an absolute cleanliness freak. He is exceptionally particular with regards to how everything must be stored, organised and arranged and has meticulously planned task sheets for the same. He admits that he has spent considerable amount of research and trials to figure out the best ways to store perishable items so that they remain fresh and last the longest.

The statement he lives by is "Let everything happen to you. Beauty and Terror. Just keep going. No feeling is final”. When asked what animal he would’ve liked to be born as, “A pangolin” he says instantly.

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