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Humans of RESQ- Harshad Nagare

July 11, 2022
by Team RESQ

Known as the ‘incredible Hulk’ of RESQ, Harshad Nagare is a fearless, rugged boy with a conviction of a warrior. He works as a full-time animal rescuer and is valued incredibly by the RESQ squad for his techniques in handling wildlife. Before joining the field operations team as a rescuer, he worked as a wildlife rehabilitator at the RESQ TTC and was known for his success in raising orphans. Born and raised in Nashik, Harshad has always been outdoors surrounded by animals and has rescued all sorts of them in his own capacity and volunteered with local NGOs before he joined RESQ.

What brought him to RESQ was his undying passion for wanting to work for animal welfare. Today, he lives at the RESQ centre, and is always amongst the first ones to respond to any rescue calls even in the middle of the night. The part he loves the most about working at RESQ is getting to handle animals professionally, witnessing and facilitating the treatment of animals in discomfort, and getting to spread awareness amongst the community about the importance of maintaining human-animal harmony and promoting the concept of coexistence. The part he finds challenging is to cope with the unforeseen fate of animals in situations where an animal loses its battle against life. His most memorable time at RESQ so far has been, hand raising and rehabilitating a deer, and watching it hop away into its habitat when it was released.

Some lesser-known facts about our Hulk are that he was a national-level champion of canoeing and kayaking.

Stemming from his sports background, he displays undefeatable determination and lives by the statement, “Never give up, and keep evolving”.

When asked what animal he would've liked to be born as, “definitely a leopard for its astonishing navigation powers and being incredibly adaptive” he says with conviction followed by a smirk.

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