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Humans Of RESQ- Fatima Ghachi

April 02, 2024
by Team RESQ

The Shatabdi Express of RESQ, Fatima Ghachi is one of the oldest team members and arguably the most dependable. Like her energy, her speed of completing tasks is just as unmatched. As is her undefeatable positivity when she says, “ho Jayega” to everything. With an MA and B. ED Fatima knew she wanted to work to make a difference. And when she joined RESQ back in 2009, her purpose aligned with her love for animals, and she knew she was never leaving. She started off as a helpline manager but actively participated in treatments, stock keeping and on field duties, which prepared her to handle almost anything and everything that came her way. She gradually moved to working as a para-vet, accountant, and a rehabber. She proudly admits that working at RESQ has helped her hone the skills she didn’t know she had and to develop holistically. The credit for which she mainly gives the founder Neha Panchamiya who always showed faith in her and told her she could achieve anything. Today, Fatima manages the entire Centre and supervises various departments.

Her most memorable moment at RESQ has been the time she was assisting on a surgery and a cut splattered blood all over which made her feel queasy. But after a few words of encouragement from the team, she got back to her senses and saw the surgery through successfully. After which she assisted on hundreds of surgeries with a strong resolve. Another matter she takes immense pride in, is that having worked across departments, she can literally fill any gap in the organization. Even when she’s not working, she’s still always active. Everyone who knows Fatima knows she’s extremely pious and righteous and is a phenomenal cook. The quote she lives by is, “you can do it” and when asked what animal she would’ve loved to be born as, “definitely a dog” comes the response!

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