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The Human-Animal Conflict : an Infographic

March 01, 2016
by Team RESQ

Do you know who really contributes to the human and dogs conflict in your neighbourhood? If you live in a city in India, you definitely either have strays or pet dogs around your house.

Whether you love dogs or don't care or hate them.. take a moment to see whether you're Type 1,2 or 3 because this post is for ALL of you smile emoticon

It may help you understand whose helping and whose not, who to be angry at and who not, and if someone is doing it wrong, share the post and let's try to bridge the gap between the different kinds of people and stray dogs who form a part and share our urban environment.

We all have to exist, let's try to be peaceful while we're at it because it's okay for some to not like them, but it's never okay to be cruel.

Take your time with this RESQ infographic and see where you fit in.
‪#‎Live‬, and let live.
‪#‎Be‬ a responsible animal lover
‪#‎Help‬ reduce human-animal conflict.

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