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Humans Of RESQ-Laxman Bhairwad

April 02, 2024
by Team RESQ

Laxman Bhairwad is a calm, peaceful, and incredibly dedicated individual who never turns down any task. He has been working at RESQ since 2017, Currently, he is part of the centre management team, involved in cleaning, sorting, moving, and building enclosures. He also assists with enrichment activities.

Before joining RESQ, Laxman worked as a gardener on a farmhouse. His passion for working with animals led him to RESQ, attracted by the organization's functioning and the excellent facilities provided to employees.

Working at RESQ brings Laxman a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. He appreciates the positive intentions of everyone around him, and his days pass by contentedly. Among his most cherished memories are the days when RESQ received its first leopard and elephant for treatment and rehabilitation. The excitement of preparing for their treatment and rehabilitation fills him with pride, especially considering those were the early days before the establishment of a dedicated Wildlife TTC.

Outside of work, Laxman is deeply religious and begins his day with prayers. During his free time, he enjoys singing bhajans. He also finds joy in spending time with his pet dog and his children.

Laxman lives by the mantra, "Be kind to animals as they can't speak." If given the chance, he would choose to be born as an owl, appreciating the qualities associated with these magnificent birds.

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