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Humans Of RESQ- Nachiket Avadhani

April 01, 2024
by Team RESQ

Knowledgeable, courageous, dedicated and seeing everything he takes up, through like a pro is our valued team member Nachiket Avadhani. Having grown up rescuing snakes and since childhood assisting his father Late Shri Sudhir Avadhani run a rescue organisation doing endless work in Daund and nearby localities, Nachiket hasn’t known of a different life. With a BSc and a resolve to continue working in the field of wildlife conservation and welfare, Nachiket has been working with Eco Daund which has been collaborating with RESQ since 2020 and is now a part of RESQ’s remote squad.

The part he loves about working as RESQ is that every animal is treated equally. #speciesnobar #sizenobar. While he dislikes nothing about his work, the only thing he has found challenging so far was a wild boar rescue. The moment he holds closest to his heart is the day his local organisation collaborated with RESQ to widen and strengthen the impact of their work. A born leader Nachiket works tirelessly in his area, rescuing, treating and releasing wildlife and also providing support to the forest department in managing human-wildlife conflicts in that area.
When he’s not working, Nachiket is seen doing wildlife photography, tracking snakes in the grasslands and wetlands and herping. He also loves wandering, playing cricket and swimming. The quote he lives by is, “दुरिताचें तिमिर जावो | विश्व स्वधर्म सूर्यें पाहो जो जे वांछील तो ते लाहो | प्राणिजात”. And when asked what animal he would’ve loved to be born as, “a king cobra” he says with a sparkle in his eyes, having studied the life of the king cobra closely, he remains most fascinated with the species.

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