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The Girl Behind Every Instagram DM

July 20, 2021
by Pooja Chavan

I began following RESQ on social media somewhere around 2016-17. Having grown up around animals and having always had a pet, I always imagined how wonderful it must be to work around so many animals all the time! Imagine my delight when I saw my schoolmate Dr. Indrakshi’s post on Instagram that RESQ was looking for someone to join their media team. I was ecstatic. And just like that my journey began at RESQ on 16th September 2019.

Fast forward to 2021- I have been a part of RESQ’s media team for almost two years now and my responsibilities include social media and online reputation management… I am basically the person everybody talks to on all RESQ social media pages.

As someone who regularly talks to hundreds of strangers on the internet, it’s not always easy. I have dealt with my fair share of hate and trolling.

On the flip side, I have also been fortunate enough to partake in the incredible amount of love and support that our team receives on a daily basis. 

I cannot describe how wonderful it is when someone on the internet chooses to send their love across with a simple text strung up with a few emojis. 

The ‘Super Fans’ of RESQ, as we adoringly refer to the people who are always the ones to leave a supportive and positive comment or DM, are my absolute favorite.

Think I’m weird? That’s fine. The animals don’t. These are people I have never even met in my life but with just a small heartfelt message they make my whole day. Not just mine, the entire team’s day! That is the power of the internet.

As all you wonderful people continue to shower our team with love and blessings I would personally like to thank you for choosing to love and cheer instead of hate and troll. This article is especially dedicated to all the RESQ Super Fans, our team really and truly cherishes you all!


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