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Humans Of RESQ- Vikas Singh Chauhan

April 02, 2024
by Team RESQ

Vikas Singh Chauhan, a valued member of RESQ, is a sincere and peace-loving individual who dedicates himself to the treatment of wildlife. Having joined RESQ in 2016 as a para vet, Vikas admits that it’s his best decision. He adds how his lifelong passion for animals led him to this organization which was his destiny. Vikas is incredibly proud of the unity of the team members at RESQ and adds how it contributes heavily towards the seamless functioning of the organization. What he loves the most about working here is that he feels valued and respected. The sense of importance he experiences while working here fuels his dedication to the cause. Guided by the philosophy that "work is worship," Vikas believes that his dedicated efforts will shape him into the person he aspires to become. This mantra drives his unwavering commitment to his profession.

One of Vikas's most cherished memories at RESQ is witnessing the triumphant release of an adult hyena. After enduring an amputation and undergoing months of recovery and rehabilitation, this hyena, rescued from a snare, successfully reintegrated into the wild despite its missing foot. The gratification he felt during this awe-inspiring moment is etched in his heart. Outside of his professional life, Vikas indulges in his hobbies of exploring new places, savoring the joy of wanderlust. Additionally, he finds solace and delight in cooking and playing competitive sports like cricket and kabaddi.

When asked which animal Vikas would like to be reincarnated as, he immediately chose cow. Recognizing the cow's timeless contributions to mankind, he admires the role she has played in supporting humanity throughout history.

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