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Humans Of RESQ- Abhijeet Mahale

April 02, 2024
by Team RESQ

Tactile, savvy and proficient- Abhijeet Mahale, the wildlife conservation royalty of RESQ also known as the 'Leopard Man'. With an innate understanding of wildlife preservation, Abhijeet has demonstrated his prowess by rescuing over 100 leopards from distressing situations, solidifying his said status! His path into this world was driven by a childhood marked with an unwavering fascination with the natural world and his journey began with capturing his first snake as a teenager, a pivotal moment that ignited his lifelong dedication to wildlife rescue and rehabilitation.

Joining the RESQ team in 2019 as a wildlife rescuer, Abhijeet's journey took a transformative turn when he relocated to Nashik in 2021. This move led to the establishment of the RESQ Nashik Division in 2023, with Abhijeet at its helm. His local organization in Nashik had already been making strides in wildlife conservation since 2014, but the growing demand pushed him to collaborate with RESQ, resulting in the birth of the RESQ Nashik Division. What he loves most about working with RESQ is the organisation's streamlined management, focus on safe rescue techniques, meticulous data management, and unwavering commitment to prioritize the well-being of animals. Among the infinite moments he holds close to his heart, Abhijeet's most cherished memory is rescuing, rehabilitating, and releasing a pangolin.

Beyond his role professionally, Abhijeet finds solace and joy in pursuits such as birding, herping and camping. He also harbors a fascination for vintage bikes and cars. Abhijeet's guiding philosophy is beautifully encapsulated in his signature phrase, "The only difference between ‘scary’ and ‘beautiful’ is lack of knowledge." Through his inborn talent for raising awareness, he has consistently fostered a harmonious environment of coexistence.

When asked what animal he would’ve fancied being born as- “a wolf”, he says immediately, adding how the sturdy resilience of the species and their ability to remain untamed, makes them fascinating creatures.

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