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Humans Of RESQ-Gyanendra Singh

April 02, 2024
by Team RESQ

Gyanendra Singh, affectionately known as Happy, currently serves as a para-veterinarian at the RESQ Wildlife TTC's OPD. Happy joined our team in 2018, initially focusing on domestic animals, particularly as a para-vet with cattle. Throughout his journey, his devotion to working solely with animals has remained unwavering. He’s known for his sincerity, promptness and a constant pleasant smile on his face.

One of Happy's most cherished responsibilities is contributing to treatments. Witnessing animals progress from the ICU to enclosures, and eventually being released, fills him with profound joy and a sense of fulfillment. Among his most unforgettable moments was administering care to a leopard, an experience etched in his memory.

Beyond his professional role, Happy finds solace in playing video games and indulging in music. His life motto, "whatever happens, happens for the best," reflects his positive outlook. In an alternate life as an animal, Happy envisions himself as a bat, intrigued by their unique personalities.

Gyanendra Singh, or Happy, exemplifies dedication and passion, breathing life into the work we do.

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