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Humans Of RESQ-Bhupendra Singh Chauhan

April 02, 2024
by Team RESQ

Meet Bhupendra Singh Chauhan, a man of quiet dedication and unwavering sincerity. Initially a rescuer upon joining RESQ in 2017, Bhupendra has transitioned through various roles, showcasing his commitment to the cause. Starting with rescues, he then took charge of the pharmacy before finding his true passion in rehabilitation work, where he thrives. His compassion for animals shines through his experiences in the ICU as well, making him an asset to the team.

Hailing from a farming background in his village, Bhupendra's journey to becoming a rehabber is a testament to his unwavering determination. A heartwarming aspect of his role, he proudly states is successfully hand-raising an orphaned rhesus macaque, who has now graduated to wildlife rehabilitation and will soon be released in the wild.

In his leisure, Bhupendra loves to cook, and take naps as he firmly believes that a well-fed body and a well-rested mind makes a happy and a content person. He also loves watching educational or funny videos on his phone which add value to his life, he adds.

His life philosophy is simple yet profound – work hard, no work is big or small and keep moving in the forward direction in life. This strongly resonates with his great work ethic.

When asked what animal he would’ve loved to be born as, Bhupendra says he envisions himself as a horse, drawn to the noble symbolism of racing and striving for victory. Just as a horse doesn't shy away from the challenges of the track, he approaches life's obstacles with equal fervor.

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