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Humans of RESQ- Tayyab Sayyad

January 27, 2023
by Team RESQ

Who knew that while working one job, he would land his dream job? Tayyab Sayyad aka Raju, is the live wire of the RESQ squad. He worked as a mechanic at a garage where the RESQ vehicles would be sent for upkeep. Curiosity about what those cars were used for, landed him at RESQ's doorstep one fateful day, and let's just say his and our lives changed forever.

From only knowing how to drive and repair vehicles like a pro, but zero knowledge about animals, to gradually gaining knowledge and learning about animal behaviour and rescues have rendered Raju to become an integral part of the RESQ Squad. He goes on rescues near and far tirelessly and lends incredible support to the rest of the team with his wit, presence of mind and promptness.

The thing he loves the most about working at RESQ is well defined processes chalked out for every job which brings out so much efficiency that there is tremendous job satisfaction. He also loves that he gets to fix all the vehicles at RESQ and take care of them, after all, vehicles were his first love.

When he's not on field assisting the team on rescues, Raju has one of two modes. He's either quietly innovating a useful tool for rescues/ fixing something or he's talking away nineteen to the dozen!

His most memorable moment while working with RESQ has been the day the whole team was on their feet to create a safe passage for a Gaur (Indian Bison) that had entered the city. It took hours and patience and tactics to convince the people to let the animal pass. The statement he lives by is "live in the moment" and the animal he would've liked to be born as is "a striped hyena" he says with a grin.

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