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Humans of RESQ- Pallavi Gowda

May 09, 2022
by Team RESQ

Every day, with joyful determination and a mug of energizing strong black coffee in her hand, Pallavi Gowda, manager of RESQ Domestic Animals Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre checks on all the dogs, cats, and large animals as they eagerly come forward to greet her.

Pallavi holds a Bachelor's in Sociology, a degree she chose to pursue as she always knew she wanted to work in the social service sector and play a part in bettering the world for all. Be it for the environment, the animals, or the people. Pallavi grew up in Karnataka on a family farm and was always around animals. At a very young age, through the daily activities on the farm, she was introduced to good animal care practices that developed a deep-seated sense of empathy within her.

She met Neha (Founder of RESQ Charitable Trust) during an animal abuse case she had reported to her. She is extremely brave, patient and calm - qualities she shone with while managing a case that was reeking of brutality. During interactions with Neha, she was offered an opportunity to work at RESQ on the Sahjeevan Project, and she joined without hesitation in June 2021. While she has no single moment that stands out in her mind, the times she cherishes are when an animal recovers completely and finds a forever home.

Knowing her days are mostly filled with happy recoveries, the flip side that challenges her inner calm is when an animal experiences distress for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Some unknown facts about Pallavi are that she used to be a Rugby player. She loves camping and trekking. An avid reader with fiction as her favourite genre, an ideal way to spend time for her would be to reading a book while camping outdoors. Your actions must be in sync with your mind to be at peace is the statement she models her life after.

Admiration is apparent when asked what animal she would have liked to be, a mongoose, she says!

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