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Humans of RESQ- Nachiket Utpat

June 03, 2022
by Team RESQ

When you follow your passion, it leads you to a happy place. Nothing summarises Nachiket Utpat’s journey to RESQ better than this. Born and raised in Mumbai, Nachiket worked as an IT professional. But his heart and soul were always with the animals.

He channelled his passion for wildlife through wildlife tourism and photography. When his job took him to South Africa for three years, he spent all his free time amidst the Wildlife Sanctuaries, cherishing each minute spent witnessing how the animals lived and survived. Fast forward a few years, a fateful day and the rescue of a kite brought him to the RESQ Wildlife Treatment Transit Centre, where he interacted with the team. Absolute clarity came to him as he realized that being passionate about animals was on one side. If he wanted to be instrumental in creating a future impact, he would need to work closely with an organization like RESQ. Changing gears, he began volunteering every weekend for six months while continuing at his full-time job during the week. Nachiket moved to Pune and joined the RESQ team as the Communication & Outreach Manager this year.

What fuels and drives him every day is now being able to participate in and witness the recovery and release of animals, especially wild animals. His most memorable moment is a nighttime rescue that occurred after the team had responded to a call to rescue a sambar. The team received another call about a dog stuck in the pipeline. Without a pause, the rescuers rushed to the site and rescued the dog successfully. The wholesome glow he feels from helping the team free the dog is fresh in his mind as if it happened only yesterday.

Some lesser-known facts about him are that he’s a tabla player. The statement he thinks in his manifestations is, “Keep doing good work, and the accolades will follow” He says with conviction when asked what animal he would have liked to be born as, definitely a leopard.

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