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The ResQ Maternity Ward

January 19, 2018
by Team RESQ
The third week of January was extra special at ResQ. Want to know why? Read on!

The animals at ResQ were visited 4 times by the stork that delivers good and precious newborns. Yes! We added 4 fluffy cute little ones to the pack in that many days at ResQ! Our cows Heifer, HiFi (because she is an extremely fancy lady) and Maya gave birth to Laadli, Rose, and Bablu respectively. Our three-legged donkey Flo literally gifted our founder Neha on her birthday (19th January) by giving birth to one of the world's fluffiest baby donkeys, Nelli! 


Want to give these cute little ones a treat -- or better yet, a loving home? Come over to ResQ. Don't forget to email us at before coming in. It helps us dedicate some time to you as well as better acquaint you with the work we do! 



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