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January 21, 2016
by Team RESQ

Thank you Varun Venkit and Janak Vadgama Khushboo Shah and Taal Inc.for the Drum Circle session RESQ CHARITABLE TRUST today!!

Every day we deal with life and death (everyone from the management to the working staff!) and as much as we look at the bright side of recovering animals....what we deal with on an EVERYDAY basis is broken bones, cancer, abandoned pets, animal cruelty, surgeries, wounds, wounds and more wounds! Working at RESQ can be truly exhausting mentally, emotionally and physically ....SO THANK YOU for coming in, making the entire team sit TOGETHER (impossible task considering the number of cases we have at any given time!) and getting us involved in an activity where we all laughed, sang and had a great evening together!!

What was really amazing to note is ALL that drumming, and not a single dog seemed bothered by the sound!! The ones who were not in their kennels, sat around as we played and the ones in the kennels, remained peaceful!

I am certain the entire team will have chirpier voices and smily faces tomorrow morning!

Thank you from everyone at RESQ!!

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