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RESQ @ Jeevraksha

May 16, 2016
by Team RESQ

Jeevraksha @ 4, Queens Garden! 

Every animal lover in Pune City knows or has heard of Lila Parulekar and that Jeevraksha is the home of this legendary animal activist and the animals she looked after.


There has been years of ill health and litigation surrounding her. In October 2015, the High Court ordered the Lila Parulekar Welfare Trust that Jeevraksha animals should remain there and to look into the well-being of the animals, they should appoint an organization on the basis of experience, reputation, integrity and impartiality.

ResQ and CCC (Canine Control and Care) have now been appointed to look after Lila Parulekar’s animals at Jeevraksha. Today, Lila is practically bed-ridden where she cannot be with her animals physically but we are certain she will sense that her animals are being well taken care of.

After an initial assessment and a few days of work, we have envisioned our goal for the first 6 months at Jeevraksha and in saying so, we request for all the love and support we can get from every animal lover out there for an animal lover who dedicated her life to these animals.


Lila’s animals at Jeevraksha must have a better living environment and be healthy, vaccinated, neutered and happy.

 To achieve this we have 5 main tasks:

  1. Survey: Tag and photo-document every one of Lila’s animals

  2. Medical Aid: For the injured, sick and suffering animals at Jeevraksha

  3. Neuter and Vaccinate: Surgeries by CCC with support and management from RESQ

  4. Better Living Environment for the Animals

    • Improve Feeding Protocol

    • Improve Living Arrangements

  5. Dedicated Volunteer Program

We have already begun working on tagging and documenting, started medical treatments, ABC Surgeries by CCC and other things. However, in order to achieve the abovementioned tasks, here is a list of things we need in time and in kind:

 General List:

  1. Feeding Bowls – 40 no.

  2. Regular Dog Shampoo

  3. Anti Tick & Flea Dog Shampoo

  4. Newspaper

  5. Towels

  6. Medicines for ABC Surgeries (Email us for detailed list)

  7. Garbage Bins/ Tubs

  8. Garbage Bags

  9. Water Pipe

  10. Nursery Cloth/ Green Shed Net/ Tarpoline

  11. Wire/Tar Rolls

 For Cleaning & Sanitation:

  1. Phenyl Bottles (disinfection)

  2. Vinegar Bottles (to control flies)

  3. Industrial Bleach (strong disinfection)

  4. Poop Scoopers 

  5. Mops, Kharatas and Wipers

  6. Liquid Detergent for Cleaning Utensils & Cages

  7. Buckets - 6 no.


  1. Chain Link Fencing for Medical Quarantine Unit -

  2. Bamboo and Wire Mesh for Sun and Rain Relief Areas

  3. Patras for roofing

  4. Welding/ Welders for Repair Works of Current Cages

  5. Kennel Units – 20 no

  6. Tubelights & Fans – 10 no. each

  7. Old furniture – Tables and chairs – 2-3 no.



  1. TLC (Treats and Loving Care)

  2. Dog Baths

  3. Cleaning

  4. Puppy Care


  1. Call RESQ Coordinators on 8698877119 to set up an appointment

  2. Meet RESQ Coordinators @ Jeevraksha for assessment to be eligible for the Volunteer Program

  3. Upon selection, the Coordinator will discuss duties & timings with you

  4. Fill LPWT Volunteer Form and make RESQ-Jeevraksha Volunteer ID to enable entry into Jeevraksha

You can donate all the above items in kind or make volunteer enquiries by contacting our Jeevraksha - RESQ Head Coordinator : 8698877119 or write to us at

 You can alternatively donate ONLINE to help us meet our goals at Jeevraksha: and send us an email what you would like it to be used for at Jeevraksha

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