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The Benefits of Volunteering for Animals!

February 12, 2019
by Team RESQ

If you are an animal lover and seek some channel to reach out to them, volunteering for animal welfare can be a viable consideration. Regardless of your age, volunteering for animals can be a fantastic way to direct your passion for animals and related causes along with opening myriad opportunities for you. From shelter homes, zoos, animal charitable trusts to rescue organisations, there is no dearth of platforms for you to venture the field of animal volunteering. If you have ever contemplated the idea of doing something for the animals, volunteering can be a great start. Furthermore, here are some of the many benefits that volunteering provides you with.

  • Community Building

Our volunteers helping us with collar work

Organizations dealing in animal causes bring together individuals sharing the same concern and passion. Being quite an eccentric field by itself, this is not a conventional choice for people in terms of career or hobby. Thus, even the smallest help can successively impact several lives. Consequently, positive relations and awareness are two of the biggest outcomes. Relations and interactions through volunteering give you the pleasure of working with like-minded people; people who share the same passion as yours!

  • Making a Difference

There's no job that's too small or big

While there’s a huge number of supporters for animal-related causes, it is only fair to understand that not everyone can get out there and make a substantial influence or impression. Whether you have the luxury of time or other means, every attempt, every number of volunteers makes a difference. This, in turn, can affect the totality of volunteering by just the consideration of taking the cause in your hand and doing something about it.

  • Developing New Skills

A RESQ volunteer working with first-aid

Volunteering involves out and out hands-on work. There will be fieldwork, there will be management, development, fundraising and administration among other departments, much like any other organization. This gives a potential volunteer an incredible insight into the field of their interest along with practical skills. Many individuals looking for a career change or just wanting to make a difference out of concern agree that volunteering is the way to go.

  • Enhanced Cognitive Skills

A RESQ volunteer in a candid interaction with one of our dogs

Being associated with animals and having one-on-one dealings with them brushes up your cognitive skills in several ways. Empathy plays an important role in interacting with animals as they don’t understand what we speak and vice versa. An increased emotional quotient too is an added benefit!

  • Building a Strong Portfolio

A RESQ volunteer comforting Topi during treatment

Every experience of volunteering is unique. In this field, literally everything you do adds to your experience thus building a strong portfolio for jobs. Rescue organisations, zoos and charitable trusts are regularly recruiting for their onsite team and hold specific recruitment requirements. Get a glimpse of what a typical day for a RESQ Volunteer looks like!

  • Soul Satisfaction

Every RESQ volunteer is a happy volunteer!

Finally, volunteering rewards you with the ultimate form of soul satisfaction, for you know you’ve done your bit for something that is so close to your heart. After all, what better way to end a hard day’s work knowing you’ve made a difference!

That being said, a little research on what area of animal volunteering can be insightful in choosing your pick. Once that’s done, you’re all set to get on with your passion and enjoy reaping the benefits of this amazing field. Being a charitable trust for animal welfare ourselves, we are always open for volunteers should you want to start!

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