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Why You Should Consider Adopting an Indie!

February 09, 2019
by Team RESQ

The influence of media, unfortunately, has led to several sad realities: an increased fascination with Pedigree dogs being one of them. The portrayal of certain dog breeds, like that of a Pug or Golden Retriever, has influenced a rise in their demand and thus a supply that accounts for unnecessary suffering and irresponsible backyard breeding.

Gigi, a sad example of irresponsible breeding

But as aggravating as this demand is, we strongly believe that every dog deserves to be loved equally. While the adorably droopy eyes of a St. Bernard, charm of a Husky or the lush coat of a German Shepherd may be absolutely triggering to buy them, we think our Indies are no less at par, if not more! Here’s why adopting an Indie is something you will never regret!

  • Indigenous to Indian climate

Indies are genetically acclimatised to India’s tropical wet climate. On the other hand, foreign breeds like St. Bernards (native to Switzerland), Huskies (native to Siberia) or German Shepherds (native to Germany) being obviously non-native to India struggle to acclimatise with the climate here. Since most of these countries are cold, the dogs possess thick coats that are naturally designed to keep them warm in low temperatures.

Moto in his element at RESQ
  • Low Maintenance

Being native to India’s climate resolves half of an Indie’s maintenance! With basic nutrition, exercise and regular vaccines an Indie can be at its thriving best. Most of these dog breeds also possess short coats naturally that help them withstand India’s climate, making grooming a breeze!

Chinky being a great example of basic nutrition and exercise
  • Street Smartness

The streets have played a major role in an Indie’s evolution. Having lived a rough to basic life, these dogs are extremely alert. Not to mention their ease of adaptability which further strengthens their potential of being great family dogs. We must also not forget that the alertness of some of these dogs comes from the fact that they were used for activities like hunting. The Chippiparai breed served as hunting companions to royal families for decades!

  • Ethnic Grace

We can’t seem to stop appreciating the Indie’s grace. Ever observed the gait of a stray dog? You know what we mean! The Rajapalayam breed is a great example to watch out for an extremely graceful gait which is similar to the trotting of a thoroughbred horse.

  • Incredible Immune System

The immune system of an Indie is a great point that strengthens consideration for adopting one. Given that they are relatively pure breeds, their immunity too remains to be that which is less tampered with. Thus, possessing better genes that contribute largely to their incredible immune system! Let’s not forget their foraging nature that makes even a poor man enjoy their companionship.

Arpita's incredible immunity helped in her speedy recovery
  • Intelligent and Sensitive

When it comes to intelligence, Indies are an unparalleled breed. Not only mental but even emotional intelligence is something Indies just get right. They are sensitive to their surroundings which has a lot to do with them being raised on the streets. High competition to get through a day is another factor that contributes to these dogs’ smartness. For a family dog, we think this trait can be extremely useful in order to sense the emotions of other members!

Trust us when we say that Indie dogs are incredible in their own ways. We have our share of heroes here at RESQ, from Baadal, Jasmine, Sunny, Moto, Hope, Hulk to Xander -- Indies truly have our heart! These dogs have done it all: braved the harsh realities of man“kind”, endured pain, transformed personalities, learnt to recognise a human touch, found love, freedom and some even a home in us!

A picture portraying the ease of Indie puppies getting along

Finally, we conclude not stating another reason but just how adorable are they?! It is only after you get to know one, will you realize how they are just as good, if not more, as their pedigreed mates. The skill of making new friends and being social only further makes these superstars, as we would like to address them, irresistible!

If this blog has managed to stir even the slightest desire to adopt one, we have many Indies awaiting their forever homes!

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