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Water For All project

March 18, 2016
by Team RESQ

Share water. Spread Smiles. Save Animals.

GET your RESQ WATER POT and be a part of the WATER FOR ALL initiative.

The summer is here. The lack of clean drinking water leads to dehydration and death of thousands of homeless animals and birds. This is a chance to help the animals and birds in your street in a small way.

The RESQ Water Pot:
1) Heavy - so animals or people cannot easily topple it over
2) Thick Sides - so that birds can perch on it and drink
3) Good capacity (5-6 litres) - so that constant refilling during the day is not needed
4) Brightly painted - so you can check if the water is clean or not
5) Multi Utility - same size can be used by dogs, cats, large animals and birds

Call 7722003090 or 8698877119 to place your order.
The pots are Rs. 200 each.

Please share this post on FB/ download image and Whatsapp to try and get as many water pots out for the animals this summer.

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