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Superstitions - Animal Cruelty

March 18, 2016
by Team RESQ

Last night at RESQ! It doesn't take any persuasion for someone to get me to go to rescue an injured animal, but this happened during the late hours of the night in an area not so safe! Running around at midnight on the streets and in the alleys of Pune's red light district, Budhwar Peth, behind an injured dog has got to go down in my books in the list of crazy things I've done to rescue an injured animal. (much to my father's horror hahaha!)

It is a common superstition that if a dogs leg falls off all the bad omen from their lives disappear. So, a string or wire is tied tight around a poor street dogs leg stopping the blood supply, the leg swells up and slowly the string embeds itself into the flesh of the leg, and over time it rots and falls off.

Will post more images shortly of this unfortunate but brave girl who has suffered this pain over so many days. She is now at our place RESQ CHARITABLE TRUST recuperating.

Thank you Sushil Chikane Tuhin Satarkar Pavan and Noel for helping out!!

-Neha (Founder, RESQ)

Myra's Leg with String Tied tightly

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