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Change in the ResQ Protocol

January 14, 2018
by Team RESQ


At ResQ, we have always maintained an 'Open Door' policy for animal lovers and animal welfare enthusiasts. We appreciate the fact that you care enough to bring animals in need to ResQ for medical treatment, visit to either volunteer and help ease their pain or adopt them and give them a 'forever happy home'.
However, recently we have had visitors who were less than welcome, visitors who roughed up the staff at ResQ, visitors who abused us and challenged all the good work we have done and even threaten to take legal action against us over an issue caused by their own greed and self-interest. 
To prevent such unhappy incidents in the future, we have revised our visitation protocols. Going forward, all visits must be based on prior appointments. Callers/Reporters will only be allowed inside if they have reported the same on the ResQ Webline ( or if our team has been informed.
These rules will be strictly followed by our staff. We love it when you come over but please let us know of your plans to visit in advance by emailing us on
These rules have been put in place only to protect our staff and the animals they help. Please avoid being inconvenienced by following the protocol, and ask anyone else who plans to visit to do the same! 

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