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ResQ Night Emergencies

April 27, 2017
by Team RESQ

We are happy to announce that we will be officially attending to NIGHT animal emergencies now. 

It has been a struggle to deal with the number of animal emergencies reported (over 500 animals a month), manage the funds, manage people to “consistently” be available to help animals in the day and night. We battled between trying paid ambulance services etc. however, RESQ has always been a FREE treatment organisation right from the start, and we are not going to change that because of trying times. We know the bhaajiwala and chaiwala cannot afford to make donations for the animals they look after on the street. We are currently offering our Centre Staff over-time incentives to make this Night Rescue possible. If the night numbers get unmanageable, we will look at hiring more people. 

We look to you to HELP us by: 
1) Reporting ONLY VERY SERIOUS EMERGENCIES AT NIGHT. Incase, we feel the animal can be attended to the next day, we will convey the same to you.
2) Incase you are unable to get through the Helpline 9373888500 (busy/network problem), please log in the case on the Webline

We required Rs. 45,000 per month to run the night services. A very kind Inderjot Oberoi whose animal we once helped late night has funded one-third towards the same. Please help us fund the balance Rs. 30,000 per month to help the street animals and pets in emergency at night. 

To continue our work, we depend LARGELY on the support YOU give us by way of time and funds, and we hope you will continue to support us. Thank you!

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