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Human of RESQ- Dr. Chetan Vanjari

January 27, 2023
by Team RESQ

“The presense of a doctor, is the beginning of a cure”. No one does justice to this quote like Dr. Chetan Vanjari, who is a senior veterinary at RESQ. Treating animals is not just his job, it’s his purpose, and anyone who might have seen him treating an animal would know it instantly from the way he talks to the animal in an empathetic tone through the process. After completing his Masters, Chetan realised he wanted to work with different types of animals, develop his skills and make a difference while he was at it.

From that day he has never looked back and has performed surgeries and administered treatment to an array of animals across species, domestic and wild, right from ones that weigh in grams to those that weigh in tonnes. His most favourite part of working with RESQ is that he continues to learn, must incessantly update his knowledge, and needs to be on his toes 24 by 7. There’s never a dull moment nor a speck of complacence. He also admits with pride that every team member of RESQ is multifaceted and can step in wherever required, unlike other workplaces where everyone prefers to stick to their scope of work.

His most memorable moment so far has been the day he swiftly darted an adult leopard who had entered a crowded human occupied settlement, so it could be rescued safely.

When Dr. Chetan is not treating animals, he’s an explorer who loves to explore new places to observe animals and their behaviour in the most natural setting. He’s also a music enthusiast who plays the tabla, the flute and is currently learning to play the guitar. He’s also a connoisseur of indian folk dances and likes to study their forms as and when time permits.

The statement he lives by is, "It’s never too late to help and treat a life. And every treatment teaches us something about life”. When asked what animal would he would have liked to be born as, he says without batting an eyelid, “an eagle”.

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