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Humans Of RESQ-Naresh Chandak

April 24, 2022
by Team RESQ

Happiest outdoors, Naresh Chandak is a senior rescuer at RESQ. Prior to joining RESQ he worked as an adventure and wildlife expert. He is perpetually and forever, 'on-site rescue' ready with his signature hat, sunglasses, a tenacious spirit and a bounce in his step.

He is also an integral part of RESQ's outreach and awareness programs and is often found conducting awareness and training sessions across all age groups. Originally from Phaltan, Maharashtra, Naresh rescued his first snake at the tender age of ten! He ran a local NGO rescuing several types of animals before he moved to Pune. The thing he loves the most about working at RESQ is getting to facilitate and witness the ‘happy ending’ when rescued or injured infants are treated and reunited with their adults. The part he finds challenging is crowd management during a human-animal conflict situation that may arise during an animal rescue. Some lesser-known facts about him are that he is an avid trekker, a wanderer by nature, and loves to take off on unique expeditions. He also takes every opportunity to visit schools around his hometown to educate children about animals rights and conservation.

His most memorable day at RESQ so far has been the day he used his instinct coupled with his expertise and knowledge to reunite a Rusty Spotted Cat kitten with its mother, which was incredibly crucial for the animal and for the morale of the entire team.

What he claims to live by is the fact that he can use his own abilities to rescue or help living beings. When asked what animal would he have liked to be born as, he says, “a Leopard”, with a coy smile.

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