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Humans of RESQ-Abhishek Swami

April 11, 2022
by Team RESQ

Abhishek Swami is the Senior Rehabilitator at the RESQ Wildlife TTC and is absolutely hands-on with his work, especially with the infants or orphans who need that one-on-one care to thrive. Originally from Sangli, and brother to Jyoti Swami (RESQ Operations Coordinator) Abhishek holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and had worked in varied fields before joining RESQ, which today he calls his dream job.

What brought him to RESQ was his immense love for animals, especially wildlife and it is clearly visible through all the successful rehabilitations he has participated in and supervised. The thing he loves the most about working at the RESQ Wildlife TTC is raising orphans. He is a man with a single-track mind who loves to immerse himself fully in anything he does.

Adverse to stagnation, he enjoys the challenge of honing his multitasking skills, be it supervising the creation of animal and bird enrichments in enclosures as he updates rehabilitation milestones on the Captive Wildlife Management or feeding an orphan as he supervises the meal preparation of another wildlife.

A memory he only has to close his eyes to recollect is the time during the COVID lockdown when on a snake release he happened to spot a Sunbird extracting nectar from a flower, a bird he recognised as the one he’d recently hand raised and soft-released back in the same location. When he realised it was the same Sunbird, the whole experience began to feel surreal and so very incredibly special to him, because seeing her in the wild reassured him that she had successfully learnt to thrive on her own.

A lesser-known fact about Abhishek is that he is a music enthusiast and is an aspiring artist who sings and plays the guitar.

The statement he lives by is, “ To succeed at anything, one must take an interest and enjoy it”

When asked what animal would he have liked to be, with pride in his eyes, he says, “A Lion”.

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