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Why you should adopt a differently-abled animal!

January 26, 2019
by Team RESQ

At RESQ we receive multiple adoption enquiries on a daily basis. While having successfully accomplished adoptions of thousands of abandoned and rescued animals, we have also observed a noted pattern in adoption. Of the many animals we have effectively cured, not all have been the foremost choice for adopters. While the adopter’s intent drives the preference, perception is a close second.

Meet Drake! He is 2 years young and has been with us for 50 days.

Our mission has had several animals cured perfectly, but some faced nature’s harsh conditions making them bear a loss greater than their mates. Impaired or limited mobility is one such condition many of our animals for adoption confront. And here’s a list of reasons why you should shed your inhibitions and adopt them!

  • Love is not conditioned by mobility

The primary reason for anyone to get a pet is love among others including companionship, socializing, beauty, interest, social status and activity. These beings that don’t speak the language we do yet manage to communicate better, are indeed a go-to soul for many. While all these have little to do with mobility why should something as humble as adoption see their physical being as a flawed condition or hindrance?

  • They are still normal

This cutie is Aamira. She is 1.5 years young and with us since the last 45 days.

In most ways, apart from movability or vigour, they are still the same. Everything else about them is as normal as an animal with regular mobility. Most of them may not even incur special needs or medications. They love everything the way their more mobile mates do.

  • You are giving a life a home

Why be selective about giving a life a home when you have such a kind objective of adoption?! There are people across the world that are choosing to adopt animals in this world that is subject to an immoderate human population. If not the world, at least your home is certain to be a better place with an adopted animal in it!

  • Progressive care 

Limited mobility especially has people concerned with the animal’s care. This indeed is a valid concern, but thanks to progressive care like in-home integrative therapies, it has never been so easy to tend to animals with impaired abilities. There are several vets, that are now specialized in such integrative therapies like acupuncture, physiotherapy, and canine kinesiotaping among others that will enrich your limited mobility pet’s quality of life!

  • Already trained

This one’s specific to older animals. If you think pre-trained animals are a boon, you can never go wrong with older animals. The possessed seniority and training won’t have you monitoring them minute-by-minute. In fact, how trained they are, can be an added factor while you consider their adoption. Older dogs with limited mobility tend to be hardy, courageous, and extremely adaptable. Not only have they successfully trained themselves to cope with their newfound disability, but they are also very adept at snuggling their way into your heart!

  • Fun and different activities you may have never done

Swimming has proven to be a great muscle stimulator 

Last but not least, if you think differently-abled animals may not be as much fun. Hold on! Here’s a bunch of activities you can do with these champs, probably you would have never done even with regular ability animals - Interactive Food Toys, Swimming, Target training exercises and Cavaletti exercises among a host of others.

With this list, we hope to have inspired you even a tiny bit to adopt an animal with limited mobility. After all, disability is only a matter of perception!

Handsome Jacob is 1.5 years young and has been looking for a home since the last 60 days!

Happy adopting!!

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