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Humans Of RESQ- Sambhaji Rakade

April 02, 2024
by Team RESQ

No matter what he is amidst, he will stop and greet the passerby with a pleasant smile, and this is one definite way to recognize Sambhaji Rakade of RESQ. As a valuable member of our rehabilitation team, Sambhaji embodies pure dedication, sincerity, and unwavering vigilance. His primary focus lies in the rehabilitation of birds, a role he takes immense pride in. Additionally, he skillfully constructs ex-situ enclosures, designs species-specific enrichments, and ensures impeccable cleanliness within the enclosures.

Before joining RESQ, Sambhaji was a full-time farmer in his village. However, his deep-rooted desire to work with animals led him here, a decision he cherishes wholeheartedly. One of his most treasured moments was when RESQ successfully rescued, treated, and released a leopard for the first time. The experience of being in close proximity to such a majestic creature and aiding in its recovery holds a special place in his heart. During his leisure time, Sambhaji enjoys following cricket matches on TV, indulging in highlights and other sports. Exploring new places with his child is another passion he embraces. A motto he lives by is, "Laziness is your biggest enemy. It stops you from doing great things." When asked which animal he would have loved to be born as, his resolve is firm: "a leopard", he says with gentle smile.

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