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Humans Of RESQ- Sagar Shinde

April 01, 2024
by Team RESQ

“You are the creator of your own reality”- Esther Hicks.
A quote that describes Sagar Shinde’s life and his professional journey so far. Having grown up with limited means, all Sagar dreamt of was to travel and to be able to work with animals. Neither of the two seemed possible at the time until he got a job with the passport office which enabled him to travel through the lengths and the breadths of the entire country. And which he very easily gave up to settle down in Pune when he heard of an opening at RESQ. Much against his family’s wishes, who were of an opinion that the animal sector isn’t an organized field to work in, Sagar took the plunge and is the happiest he has ever been, the feeling which is echoed by his family too.

How he developed an interest in animals is another interesting story. Sagar admits that he used to be petrified of snakes until he decided to get over his fear by learning about them. Elaborating on manifestations, when stationed in Mumbai for a brief period, Sagar would spend at least two weekends every month at the SGNP in the section where a sanctuary leopard was housed and would daydream of encounters with the beautiful cat. Just a couple of years later, Sagar rehabilitates wild cats at RESQ. Leopards, jungle cats, rusty spotted cats, their orphan care and their rehabilitation forms the biggest part of Sagar’s job role here.

Time spent raising Chutki (the leopard who came in as an orphan) remains his most memorable time at RESQ. When Sagar isn't working, he is an explorer. Treading new paths on his motorbike is his most favourite way to spend his free time. He has recently assumed the duty of a parent and being a father to his toddler son is also another aspect of his life he treasures immensely. The quote he lives by is, “Whatever happens, happens for the best” and when asked what animal he would've liked to be born as, "an eagle, because it glides at a height and gets to watch over everyone" he says.

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