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Humans Of RESQ-Purva Nimkar

April 02, 2024
by Team RESQ

Meet Purva Nimkar, a chirpy and fun-loving member of the RESQ team who is immensely dedicated when it comes to her work as a full-time vet. Purva's journey with RESQ began last December. Growing up in Nagpur, she was surrounded by wildlife and had a passion for studying and understanding them. Her patience and unwavering determination to achieve perfection in her work make her an exceptional professional. Purva loves working at RESQ because we dive deep into diagnostics and aim at having a systematic approach to every animal who comes into our care.

When asked about her most memorable moments, she fondly recollects a very recent case involving a new-born bonnet macaque who arrived at RESQ with severe dog bites. As she placed the young macaque on the table, the extent of his injuries became apparent. Punctures on his body exposed his heart, broken ribs, and punctured lungs. However, Purva took a chance and operated on him, defying the odds. With a big smile she adds how today the macaque is on a remarkable road to recovery, surpassing everyone's expectations.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Purva has a creative side. She finds solace in painting, sketching, and indulging in a good read during her leisure time. Purva's life philosophy is encapsulated in her favorite quote: "Time gives the best answer." When asked what animal she would’ve loved to be born as, pat comes the answer, “a bonnet macaque because I love how intelligent, adaptable and great at climbing they are.”

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