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Humans Of RESQ- Nilam Kale

April 01, 2024
by Team RESQ

Almost every member of the RESQ team has an association with the organization that goes beyond just work and affection for animals. While most of them resonate with the purpose and mission of RESQ, some are affiliated through the people of RESQ making this an extended family for all. Nilam had always been a part of RESQ indirectly through her late husband Sagar Kale who worked with us for many years as a rescuer, as she would assist him with late night treatments and sometimes even rescues. Nilam, a woman with rock solid resolve and courage picked up the pieces almost immediately after Sagar and continued working with RESQ.

Today, Nilam is a Wildlife Rehabilitator who focuses on wild orphan care and maintenance of the nursery, and rightly so, as a mother she inherently bares the qualities required to care for young ones. “Orphan care is my most favorite part of working with RESQ, followed by assisting during treatments”, she admits. Getting to work with various wildlife species is also something she truly values. And while she loves the work she does, she secretly dreams of accompanying the on-site team for reunions. The part she finds challenging about her work is witnessing sudden deterioration of animals under treatment or rehabilitation sometimes, which is beyond everyone’s control.

When Nilam isn’t working, she loves cooking, dancing, and creating unique art from waste. The quote she lives by is ‘patience is the key to success” and when asked what animal she would’ve liked to be born as, “definitely a dog” she says confidently.

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