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Humans Of RESQ- Darshan Patil

April 01, 2024
by Team RESQ

The silent force to reckon with, a numerical genius, and the back end support of RESQ, Darshan Patil is a valuable member of the accounts department of the organization. He clearly recalls joining RESQ in 2018 as a front desk manager, moving on to repairs and maintenance and then finally moving to the account department. With love for animals dominating his heart and love for numbers dominating his brain, it’s getting to combine both that makes him love his role at RESQ. Even though a part of him wishes to work directly with animals, he knows the impact his work has on the animals indirectly and that is something he holds extremely close to his heart.

His most memorable day at RESQ so far has been the day of RESQ Reflections, a photo exhibition to display the work RESQ does on the 15th Anniversary of the organization that took place in November 2022. It made him realize the magnitude of work RESQ does, and the animal and human lives positively impacted due to the same.

Darshan is purely a man of few words and when he’s not working, he is busy reading books on mythology and history. He also loves travelling and treading new paths every now and then. The quote he lives by is, “honesty is the best policy” and when asked what animal he would’ve loved to be born as, “a leopard” he says, adding “because it’s the smartest animal” with a gentle smile.

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