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Humans of RESQ- Amruta Shinde

April 02, 2024
by Team RESQ

The ever smiling, ever assertive and the ever so approachable Amruta Shinde is a delight to work with and to be around for all those who collaborate with her at RESQ through the work they do. Always seen carrying around a small sack with petty cash, she is an exceptionally sincere member of the Accounts department who also religiously looks into managing and supervising daily purchases, systems updates and the store. Nothing goes unnoticed by Amruta, and she remains instrumental in ensuring the daily smooth functioning of the center. But having said that, she is extremely humble and ensures she gets her work done without being authoritative.


Amruta admits that she has never been an animal person but when she got to know about the work RESQ does through her husband Sagar who also works with RESQ, she felt drawn to the cause and the purpose that binds the people associated with RESQ. She shyly admits how the work culture here and the unity amongst the team members precedes her love for animals. But at the same time, being able to bring about a positive impact in the lives of animals through the work she does, remains to be something she holds extremely close to her heart. She adds to this and says, her first interaction with the founder Neha Panchamiya is her most memorable moment as a simple insight into the world Neha was able to build, empowered her and made her believe she too could achieve anything she wanted.

When Amruta isn’t working, she is busy humming to her favorite music but strictly as a bathroom singer, and gardening wholeheartedly. But the role she loves the most is that of a mother to her toddler son who keeps her on her toes and yet so grounded, she admits. The quote she lives by is, Kar bhala, ho bhala” and when asked what animal she would’ve liked to be born as, “a dolphin” she says with a giggle, adding how much she loves the sea.

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