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Unlikely Best Friends - DONKEYS!

May 15, 2018
by Team RESQ

Mother's Day Week couldn't have been more festive at the ResQ Centre. We had two wonderful families adopt two gorgeous dogs, celebrated one happy adoption story anniversary, and, most amazing of all -- five our large animals found their forever home TOGETHER! In honour of this rare occasion, we have decided to curate a list of Unlikely Animals You Can Adopt Today!

This week, we'd like to talk about one of the most loyal, hard-working, and loveable animals on the planet: donkeys!

That's right -- donkeys make for excellent companions, and will stand by you through thick and thin. Here are some reasons you should consider adopting these intelligent, affectionate animals:

  • BIG EARS; BRAVE HEARTS: Donkeys have fantastic hearing, and serve as excellent protection. If there is a noise or danger, a donkey will never flee; instead, these sure-footed animals will stand by you to face the intruder. It's true -- not only are donkeys sweet and gentle, but they are also steely bravehearts!

  • PEACEKEEPERS: Donkeys are excellent peacekeepers. If you have more than one animal at your farm, rest assured that a donkey will keep the peace. Over time, a frightened herd will even learn to look to the donkey for an assessment on whether to stay or flee.

  • SWEET TEMPERAMENT: Donkeys are gentle, loyal creatures who love a good nuzzle just as much as any other domestic animal. 


  • TWO IS BETTER THAN ONE: Like all good things in life, donkeys fare better in pairs. They are herd animals who are happiest when in the midst of company. And the proof is in the pudding -- just look to celebrities like Martha Stewart and Reese Witherspoon, whose pet donkeys were adopted in pairs and are now thriving. In fact, Martha Stewart now has THREE beautiful donkeys, and the herd seems to be doing better than ever!

  • INTELLIGENT: Not only is a donkey's quick intelligence crucial to tipping the scales when an intruder is in your midst, but these clever animals will also use their quick thinking to their own advantage -- albeit adorably! Like dogs, donkeys will do tricks for you to try to get your attention and score cuddles, and also possess fantastic memories and a great sense of humour (so be sure to rotate your hiding spots for the treat jars!)


  • LOW-MAINTENANCE: If their perceptive intelligence and sweet natures haven't convinced you yet, here's more -- donkeys are incredibly low-maintenance. As they age, donkeys' teeth need to be monitored for common equine dental disorders. Also -- no, wait. That's it. That's ALL you need to worry about when it coms to adopting a donkey! Like goats, donkeys are extremely hassle-free. Just remember to have a good stretch of land for pasture, and a dry shelter to shield them from the elements. Although food-driven like most other animals, when fed well, donkeys rarely get sick or have foot issues, and love a long, luxurious walk. They enjoy a good grooming just like any other dog or horse, which incidentally prevents ticks and fleas from troubling them, and is also a great way to bond with these animals. And the best part? Because they love to eat so much, donkeys will mow your lawn like no machine ever could. We're not kidding!
  • NATURE'S LAWN MOWERS: Even at a leisurely grazing pace, donkeys can ensure your lawn is at its tidiest! Not only does this ensure that they are fed and full, but it also helps maintain ecological balance.

    Most importantly, donkeys are fantastic companions that only have love to give!

Now that you know all the pro's to adopting these beautiful, hard-working, downright adorable animals -- what are you waiting for? E-mail to adopt a donkey, and have your life forever altered!



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