The RESQ Halfway Home

RESQ Halfway Home

There may be great organisations and shelters run by amazing people, but in an ideal world, no animal should have to spend it’s life in a shelter or kennel space, because it was abandoned or left disabled.

RESQ is not a permanent animal shelter. EVERY animal that is at RESQ, came because it was suffering from a Medical Condition.

  • An abandoned pet deserves a home that will give it love and won’t abandon it again.
  • An animal rescued from a emergency trauma situation, now unable to survive the streets or has a short time left to live deserves a safe and loving environment.

There are too many animals who need homes and there are too few homes ready to adopt a rescued animal. We believe they should all get their happy ending and so till they are Home, they continue to live and recover at the RESQ Centre in their “Halfway Home”.

Adopt a RESQ Animal

Rescued animals have already been through so much, they deserve to be taken to homes where they will have loving, forever families. At ResQ we believe in giving these animals a second lease on life. They can bring so much joy into your lives, just give them a chance! To adopt an animal from ResQ, fill up our online adoption form.

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RESQ Halfway Home

Sponsor An Animal

Please click on the SPONSOR button on the animal you want to contribute to. Changes to sponsorship status (%) will reflect once your donation reaches us.

Male, 6 yr 1 mth
21% Sponsored
Female, 4 yr 3 mth
55% Sponsored
Male, 3 yr 8 mth
22% Sponsored
Female, 4 yr 8 mth
8% Sponsored
Male, 10 mth
27% Sponsored
Male, 3 yr 1 mth
30% Sponsored
Male, 1 yr 3 mth
24% Sponsored
Male, 1 yr 7 mth
3% Sponsored
Male, 3 yr 11 mth
10% Sponsored
Female, 4 mth
57% Sponsored
Female, 2 yr 8 mth
28% Sponsored
Female, 3 yr 1 mth
39% Sponsored
Female, 4 yr 1 mth
65% Sponsored
Female, 1 yr 2 mth
12% Sponsored
Male, 7 yr
30% Sponsored
Female, 3 yr 8 mth
18% Sponsored
Male, 12 yr 1 mth
22% Sponsored
Male, 4 yr 2 mth
7% Sponsored
Female, 3 yr
87% Sponsored
Male, 3 yr 7 mth
3% Sponsored
Female, 3 yr 5 mth
60% Sponsored
Male, 5 yr 8 mth
12% Sponsored
Male, 3 yr 2 mth
92% Sponsored
Male, 5 mth
76% Sponsored