The RESQ Wildlife Transit Unit

In January of 2019, RESQ was granted permission to function as a Wildlife Transit Unit. Working in coordination with the Pune Forest Department, RESQ has been rescuing, treating, rehabilitating and releasing wildlife such as birds, monkeys, elephants, turtles, civet cats, and snakes, among others. Urbanisation and expansion of city borders have led to increasing incidents of human-animal/bird conflict.

RESQ is actively working towards the goal of reducing such conflict through our Wildlife Transit Unit. Upon receiving a report about an injured or sick wild animal through our Helpline or Webline, we then conduct the rescue, provide it with all necessary medical treatment, and prepare it for release into its natural/suitable habitat. We have dedicated a segregated section at our RESQ Centre towards the treatment and care of wildlife that come to our Wildlife Transit Unit, taking care to create a peaceful and secluded environment for wild animals to heal in. We have also put together a dedicated team of vets and caretakers who specialise in handling and treating wildlife.

Fox Data Pro System

Wildlife cases are handled through the Fox Data Pro (FDP) system, which is a web-based management system that also allows us to coordinate releases with the Pune Forest Department with a lot of efficiency, thereby streamlining the process for release.

Some key features and prime benefits of Fox Data Pro include:

  • Web-based and compatible across all operating systems.
  • Allows the user to record different mediums of data which makes information easily accessible and leaves no paper trail. 
  • The Pune Forest Department can easily view all data with regards to any case, allowing a smoother process at the time of transfer or release of wildlife.
  • Can also auto-generate customisable documents as per official requirements.
  • Significantly improves accountability and transparency between the Pune Forest Department and RESQ, as all records have unalterable time-stamps and dates.
  • Data is securely backed up on a dedicated server.

To report an injured/sick wild bird or animal in need, please call the RESQ Wildlife Helpline on 9172511100