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Super Beagles with Hearts of Gold!

September 12, 2018
by Team RESQ

This Sunday, we opened the doors of our Beagle Base to the world, inviting our supporters to visit the little munchkins that dwelled within. Visitors got to meet, interact, and spend some quality time with 8 of our happy little SuperBeagles, whilst also learning more about the heartbreaking reality of animal testing in India, and the importance of the #AdoptDontShop movement. With our SuperBeagles being the professional cuddle-mongers they are, needless to say, there wasn't a single visitor left without a smile on their face this weekend!

One such visitor was Jamie: a little boy whose family had already adopted the inimitable Miss Miley Cyrus from the 21 Beagles batch of last year. Much like our SuperBeagles, we had secured the release of Miley and 20 other senior beagles from a research testing laboratory in February 2017.

Because our SuperBeagles have only just completed one month of freedom outside of the confines of a laboratory cage, most of our visitors were pleasantly surprised and taken aback by how incredibly affectionate and forthcoming these dogs were around humans… but not Jamie. Little Jamie was a complete natural around them, giving each dog his fair share of attention and cuddles, talking softly to them and hugging them in a mutual exchange of pure, unconditional love. Each dog reciprocated generously with their own golden hearts, wagging their tails non-stop and vying for Jamie’s undivided attention.

When asked what it was about animals in general that Jamie loved so much, he said, with the simple clarity only a child can summon: "They're all Miley."

The best part about this whole exchange? It was the SuperBeagles’ very first time around a child! There is nothing that warms the heart quite like the purity of moments like these, and today, we wanted to share this beautiful moment with the whole world.


While SuperBeagles Diana Prince and Barry Allen have already dashed off to their wonderful forever homes, we still have 8 beautiful beagle boys awaiting their own homes. Each of these dogs is 8 years old, has never stepped paw inside of a home, has never been around and thus does not understand the concept of family (yet), and will love and stand by you with the fierce determination that can only stem from the battered but fighting heart of a freagle (free beagle).

With Diana and Barry already lording it over their new hoomans’ comfortable laps, 8 beagle boys – Clark, Peter, Bruce, T’Challa, Steve, Tony, Wayne, and Wade – are still waiting for the warmth and love of their own families! These gorgeous boys are incredibly intelligent, curious, friendly, and gentle. Despite the horrors of their past, their little hearts are bursting with love, and all they want is to share that affection with you! If you’d like to fill your heart and home with the joy and light only a #freagle can bring, fill in this Adoption Form NOW, and the Freagles of India team will contact you soon!

For pictures of our SuperBeagles, click here to have your hearts morph into puddles of "AWW".


Special thanks to Jamie's incredible parents for permitting us to share pictures of him, and for raising such a compassionate child!

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