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Shaggy – not so shaggy anymore!

June 12, 2015
by Team RESQ

Shaggy was found on a highway lying lifeless with giant maggot infested holes on his throat.

The wounds were carefully cleaned by the team and every visible maggot was tweezed out.

With regular cleaning and dressing @ the ResQ Trauma Kennels Shaggy is now as good as new.

He looks like a German Shepard cross with his heavy build, pointy ears and long coat.

He loves sitting in his kennel and is quite a lazy & independent personality !
He would make an excellent addition to a relaxed and easygoing household or even a great farmhouse dog.

He will be neutered and released next week!

Give older dogs a chance, they may not be as cute as those little puppies but they require very little and give so much love in return.

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