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Preeti #RESQ Story

April 24, 2015
by Team RESQ

Preeti was being “eaten alive” with half her face and neck infested with maggots. Her open wounds were painstakingly cleaned by our team and every squiggly maggot was tweezed out carefully. With routine cleaning and dressing @ the ResQ Kennels Preeti is now as good as new. She looks like a Labrador and German Shepard cross with her heavy build and dumbo ears smile emoticon . Saying she loves food would be an under statement! She is known to sneak a bite from her kennel mates on a regular basis and pesters us for treats every chance she gets heart emoticon

She will be spayed and released this week but any prospective adopters looking for a big cuddly bear companion along with a sweet goofy personality are welcome to meet her ! Just call the helpline @ 9373888500

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