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Midnight Puppy Rescue

February 05, 2017
by Team RESQ

We had a super adventurous Saturday Night, last night! 

Someone reported a case yesterday afternoon, telling us that there were 5 puppies stuck inside a groundwater drainage pipe, asking for help.
It was a huge wall, with a 3 feet long pipe going straight inside, after which there was a drop down where the pups had been stuck for two days.

When we got there, the lady who owned the property (with the wall on it) gave us a pretty tough time. We pooled in our resources, called the Pune Police, the Central Fire Brigade, Pune and engineers from SJ Contracts Pvt Ltd, all of whom turned up extremely enthusiastic to help!

With their help, we broke down a part of the wall, removed the pipe and Tuhin Satarkar, from our team, crawled inside to get out the puppies one by one.

6 hours and countless tries later, we had 5 happy little pups and their overjoyed mother, all safe, sound and unhurt.

Here are all of the people who stuck around to help us! A huge shoutout to the Pune Police, the Pune Fire Department and SJ Contracts, without whose help we wouldn’t have been able to go through with the rescue.

Being able to help animals like this, makes it worth the long hours and sleepless nights. Help us help these poor souls, support us at

P.S After rescuing the puppies, we also rescued two baby buffaloes who had been in a road accident.

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